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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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we want to send a strong message that it won't be tolerated here in morgan hill. >> a middle school student learns a hard lesson. a student arrested after classmates turn him in as a bully. threats, taunts, aggression on campus and online. bad behavior that got a south bay middle school bully in real legal trouble tonight.
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the 13-year-old arrested for cyber bullying. it's a cautionary tale for kids and parents across the bay area. george kiriyama joins us live from morgan hill with details. >> reporter: britton middle school wanted to put a stop to this before it went too far. the 13-year-old bully was given a juvenile contact citation. that's essentially the same as an arrest for a juvenile. principal glen webb says bullies do not belong in morgan hill. >> if it has an effect that reaches the school climate, we're going to do what we can do work with law enforcement to make sure that's corrected. >> reporter: morgan hill police arrested a 13-year-old for bullying two other students. he verbally and physically
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taunted them, shooting plastic b.b.s at them. >> the bully was trying to get the other two to use marijuana. when they declined, the relationship was severed. >> reporter: a school resource officer told the bully to stop. >> he knew his behavior was wrong. and went home and contacted the victims again through text messages, facebook and in person. >> reporter: parents are glad britton middle school and the police stopped the bullying before it escalated. >> think of all of the bullies or attempted to have been bullied by somebody. and it's not fun. and one never forgets it. >> reporter: the principal says a strong message of zero tolerance is needed, when teachers and parents want to keep kids safe on campus. >> if kids stop for a minute before they hit send, before they say that extra word, before they repeat that bit of gossip, about how it feels when it comes around to them.
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>> reporter: and the student has been disciplined by the school, as well. the principal says it's issued deals with the child. it cannot say how the child was disciplined. >> according to a study on cyber bullying 14-year-old to 17-year-olds receive the most bullying. but most think bullying happens online than offline. a governor introduced a ball in 2011. that law allows students to suspend students who use social networking sites to bully others offcampus. the san jose police department is investigating a deadly stabbing. the city's third homicide of 2013. the stabbing happened around 8:30 tonight. when police arrived, they found a man stabbed multiple times. he was transported to the
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hospital, where he died. the preliminary investigation shows several men attacked the victim for unknown reasons and fled the scene. a south bay man is taking on pg&e, hoping to save his backyard. the battle is over a gas pipeline that runs through his property and 16 others in mountain view. and what happens with his fight could term what happens to other homeowners as pg&e works to improve safety following the deadly san bruno explosion. jean elle is live in mountain view to explain. >> reporter: part of pg&e's pipeline safety plan involves clearing most of the land above the pipeline. trouble is, that land hasn't been clear in years. and here in mountain view, pg&e wants homeowners to clear beloved back yards. >> the pipe is right in the middle. right about here. >> reporter: dennis goldwater learned last summer pg&e's pipeline runs under his yard.
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it's part of the same pipeline that exploded in san bruno. now, he's fighting pg&e over his back yard. >> what i've got is a yard and a imagination. they're taking that away from me. >> reporter: pg&e is telling goldwater and 16 of his neighbors the land above the pipe must be cleared for safety. >> we're clearing the area where the pipe is. so that we can have greater access and continue to maintain our pipelines. >> reporter: that means backyard trees and patios must go. goldwater says he has a better idea. move the pipe. >> the city has begged them repeatedly to move the pipe to an area where it's safer for all. >> reporter: the city of mountain view suggested a move to a nearby park. but pg&e said it tested the 49-year-old pipe in 2011 and it is safe. its focus is to clear the
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easement above it. >> we're working with them to relocate and pay for the relocations. >> reporter: goldwater isn't giving in. >> they want safety, as long as they pay the minimum. they're coming in and intimidating us -- they're telling us we have no choice. >> reporter: pg&e has sent a letter promising legal action if it becomes necessary. but this battle may unfold in neighbors all around the bay area, as pg&e gets ready to cloer the land above its pipelines. looking at the south bay. you're looking at a live picture at 280 and 17. on and off again showers for most of the day. and the rain could be sticking around for a bit. jeff raineri joins us with a look at the wet weather. it's not pouring. it's just kind of there and doesn't go away, jeff. >> that is a problem with the storm system today. it's the same one we dealt with yesterday. no models predicted this
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accurately, as the showers continue to linger for the east bay and south bay. not a strong storm system, but as we head throughout the morning areas, you can expect areas of patchy fog and drizzle to exist. those will be the zones with the highest amount of drizzle. much colder weather headed our way for this weekend. we're going to detail that saturday and sunday forecast and how much rain we could get, coming up a little later on. one suspect is under arrest tonight in connection with a home invasion robbery of an elderly san jose couple. police are still looking for two other suspects. the three men reportedly forced their way into a home in almaden valley sunday night. they stole the couple's two cars. the vehicles were recovered yesterday. police say they hope evidence inside those cars could lead them to other suspects. a pleasanton city employ who
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tried to install his kids in rec programs for three could spend more than a year in jail. he had access to a city database to enroll his children in rec problems. anderson did surrender to police and was booked into jail. now, the alameda county d.a. is investigating that case. super bowl preps is under way in the bay area. part of those plans are finding ways to avoid a repeat of this, the vandalism that occurred after the giants world series win last year. the police will work with businesses to help people party responsedly. the mayor says it's particularly important to keep the celebrations respectful, given the niners are making a bid to host the super bowl in 2016. >> for now, the super bowl's on ice. we're talking hockey.
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the homecoming thousands have been waiting for. the men in teal, taking on the phoenix coyotes. >> the sharks won and are 3-0. stephanie is live at h.p. pavilion. fans must be ecstatic. >> yes, they are. it's quiet now. but it was a sellout at the shark tank. and everyone getting one of these, a free hat, including us. some fans haven't shaken off the frustration from the lockout. but they're happy the sharks are back. and some head to the same spot every year, coming early to get up and close with the players. it's shark week in san jose. fans filled the tank. busy busting a move. >> it's a break period. and sometimes they'll throw
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pucks over to the kids. >> dan ny heatley, when he was here. >> reporter: some of the ladies line up, looking for a different action. >> some of them like butterfly stretches. some of them stretch their gluts and stuff. it's a nice angle. >> reporter: these fans making the most of a severely shortened season. how was the wait? >> excruciating. >> reporter: others say they're still ticked off by the lockout. >> it's frustrating that sometimes, the way i think about it, the atms for the nhl. >> there was animosity at first. but we walk into the tank tonight. and you're seeing a huge crowd. lots of kids. >> reporter: one of the people is steve. >> i was sighted when the sharks first came here. i lost my vision in '99. >> reporter: he's been experiencing games on a whole different level. following the action through radio. >> i can feel the building rumbling. >> reporter: but she's still waiting for the sharks to come
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home with something else in hand. >> the stanley cup. >> reporter: the way they're playing, sharks fans are confident 2013 could finally be the year. downtown businesses were packed tonight. and there's four more home cams in a row. live at the h.p. pavilion, stephanie chuang, bay area news. >> we're going to have highlights and locker room reaction to tonight's game, coming up in sports in about 15 minutes. a new twist in the notorious killing spree in northern california and the search for more bodies. what the serial killer is telling the fbi they're doing wrong. and the kidnapping caught on surveillance video in san jose. the family makes a request to police. and cameras roll for one of the most unusual road hazards you will see. that's a naked man stopping
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traffic. and believe it or not, there's more. good evening. i'm jeff raineri in the weather center. impressive when it comes to the rainfall in the north bay. the past 36 hours, 1 inch at point reyes. we're tracking what's left of the showers. we'll let you know if that extends into your weekend, coming up. check that out. a whale of a sighting. why it is one of the most incredible whale sightings in decades.
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a surprising twist, today, in the fbi's search for murder victims in an old central valley well. one of the killers claim they're digging in the wrong place.
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investigators are excavating a new well in lyndon, searching for victims of the speed freak killers in the '80s and '90s. one of the killers committed suicide. one of the others drew maps for the police. but one report says they're off about 200 yards. last year, the investigators found some of their victims in another well. a follow-up to the attempted kidnapping caught on surveillance video. police are looking for a man who tried to take a young girl as she was walking to school. tonight, we're hearing from the girl's family, who spoke only to nbc bay area. >> a shadow or something right here. >> reporter: a neighbor's surveillance camera caught these grainy images of the attempted kidnapping. the girl fought off her would-be kidnapper before running away. the victim was running to this
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woman's house. she always gave the girl a ride to school with her daughters. she says the man in this sketch followed the 13-year-old from about a quarter-mile away. the victim lived with her aunt. she says she is doing better but traumatized by the attack. she's moved with her mother in fresno. she says she wished there were more cops patrolling the streets, especially while kids are on their way to school. neighbors haven't seen the man in the sketch before. >> he came to the wrong hood. he is a sick gentleman doing that. and he's probably very lucky that i did not get ahold of him before the police does. >> reporter: even though she's traumatized, if she sees his picture, the victim can still finger the man who attacked her.
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no more doom and gloom. after years of dreary budget news, california's governor delivers an upbeat state of the state address. >> it's my 11th year in the job. and i've never been more excited. >> jerry brown told lawmakers that california's back in the black. he wants to keep it that way. the speech drew applause from democrats and republicans who liked his more fiscally conse e conservative approach. >> we've watched in two years, a solid and enduring budget. and we're going to preserve and keep it that way for years to come. >> the governor mentioned what he wants to work on for the remainder of his term, including enhancing trade with china, investing in high-speed rail, improving the state's water system, investing more money in low-income school districts and keeping college tuition in
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check. 1 it a sign that mark zuckerberg has an interest in politics? the 28-year-old multibillionaire is planning to host a fund-raiser at his home for new jersey republican governor chris christie. zuckerberg donated $500 million to health and education nonprofits in new jersey. christy is a moderate republican. the fund raiser is a chance for christie to meet some of zuckerberg's friends. whale watchers on a southern california tour hit the jackpot this week when some 23 whales were counted frolicking. whale experts are excited, calling it the largest pod seen in the area in 30 years. gray whales, which can grow up to 50 feet long. during this time they migrate from the arctic waters of alaska to baja, mexico. let's turn things over to
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jeff raineri. or should i call him a supershopper. >> at the white elephant sale, the preview sale that's going to be happening this sunday. a lot of great stuff out there. that's going to go to help the oakland museum of california. let's look at the doppler radar. nothing in terms of heavy rainfall for tonight. expect drizzle to continue for the east bay, south bay and for the peninsula. let's take you outside to the live camera network. we do have the low cloud cover and the areas of mist and drizzle, visible on the h.d. camera lens. it has improved air quality over the last six hours. also up into san francisco, no heavy rainfall, but those roadways are slick. we had subtropical moisture feeding into the cold front today. that kept the showers lingering around. six to eight hours longer than some of the forecast models expected. that's going to kick toward the east tomorrow. but here comes another system.
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unfortunately, it's not going to be a dry weekend. we're not looking at a large storm. but we're expecting the areas of showers, sun and some clouds. and another reinforcing shot of cold air. that's going to drop temperatures as we head through saturday and sunday. jacket weather as we head into the upcoming weekend. 42 in santa rosa. 47 in san rafael. and 48 in santa cruz. and 52 in san francisco. also, areas of fog to start. by the afternoon, temperatures going up in the low to mid-60s. we're not expecting a lot of sunshine. a few filtered areas of sun by the afternoon. and it's going to stay cool by all accounts, with 60 in san jose. 60 in los gatos. and 59 in santa cruz. time for the ski report. up at tahoe, numbers in the upper 30s and low 40s. no major snow on saturday. a few areas of rain with also sun mixed in.
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squaw valley with a snow base of 26 inches. and at alpine meadows, you can see snow bases 64 inches there. and temperatures in the upper 30s on saturday. today, we were on the 54th annual white elephant sale. and the preview sale is this sunday. with shower, it will be an awesome time to check this out. all of the sales going to help the proceeds of the oakland museum of california. temperatures in the low to mid-50s by the afternoon hours. if you come on out, check out vintage clothing, jewelry, sporting goods and more. check out the website at we'll have lingering showers. the same thing for saturday and on sunday. and eventually, we get some sunshine in here, as we head throughout monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. and there's a lot of stuff for guys. and also, giants fans out at the
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white elephant sale in oakland. the preview sale on sunday. and i come back with 2010 world series shirts. >> are you serious? you're so generous. >> of course. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> that's so cool. >> and it was a bargain. the sale coming up this sunday. you can get stuff like this. really, really cheap. it's vintage now, right? 2010. >> you got a vintage leather jacket. >> thanks so much, jeff. >> you're welcome. coming up, the harbaugh brothers try to place their own parents.
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an intimate collection of john f. kennedy memorabilia is set to go on the auction block. among the items are clothes the president wore, a pen he used to sign key documents during the cuban missile crisis. and a birthday card from his
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son, jfk jr. >> when you look at the items, some things will bring goosebumps. >> powers died in 1998 at the age of 85. his family discovered the items hidden away, as they prepared his home for sale. >> that is impressive. let's toss it out to ahmed fareed at the comcast sports net newsroom. >> we have some pranking. they're still a ways from the game. and the 49ers and ravens are gearing up for the game. that didn't stop one coach from having a little fun. a long time waiting for the sharks fans, as team teal returns to the tank. highlights and reactions from h.p.
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ahmed fareed at the infiniti sports desk. after a lockout and a 2-0 start
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to the season, the sharks finally return to the tank. let's get right to it. the home opener. coyotes and sharks. third period, sharks down a goal. seven minutes left. ryane clowe with a shot. martin havlat knocks it in. joe thornton, to joe pavelski to patrick marleau. third-straight two-goal game for marle marleau. sharks win it 5-3. good comeback for them. the captain addressing the crowd after the game. >> as an organization, we'd like to thank you guys. you really are the best fans in the nhl. and this is a real hard place to play. we really do appreciate you guys. thank you so much. we love you guys. >> they are hot right now. the harbowl, a super bowl story line that may wear out its welcome sooner rather than later, unless your name is harbaugh. that's the case for jack and
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jackie, the parents of jim and john, inundated with interview requests. they gave a conference call today. and it was great until one question nearly threw everything off. >> our next question comes from john from baltimore. your line is open. >> yeah, a question from baltimore. is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> not -- is that john? >> is that john harbaugh? hey, john -- >> that was me, john. >> mom was ready to come right through this phone. i'm so happy that joanie recognized your voice. >> that's the fighting spirit. i just need to know that. >> that is awesome stuff. the drought is over for the warriors. thursday, david lee was named to the western conference all-star team. he's the first warriors all-star selection since latrell sprewell in 1997.
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steph curry was snubbed. the fact that didn't get past lee. >> bittersweet part, of course, is one of my teammates that deserved to make it. and crossed my fingers that i'd be in, as well as him. and you know, at this point, i'm really excited to be able to represent our team. a couple of college basketball results to pass along here. cal gets a win over utah. st. mary's wins big over san diego. but stanford falls to colorado. back to you. >> very funny. that was funny with the parents. >> such a great story. >> yeah. a naked man and a bus. after the break.
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anything but a boring commute for people on a bus in philadelphia on a chilly winter day. this video going viral on youtube. that is a naked man, deciding to scale the front of a bus, for
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reasons nobody really knows. at one point, he did put on boxers. but he put them on his head. when he noticed the video, he started chasing the photographer. police did catch him. they put him into custody. no information on the charges he faces except craziness. >> and temperatures that are likely in the 30s to low 40s. >> and we know if you watch seinfeld what that means. >> good night.
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